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Mother’s Day Special: Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast

When asked who their favorite person is, many children will smile and say “My Mom“.

Mom is the first person we ever met, she is there for us before we’ve seen the world! From our first words to our first time leaving the nest, Mom is the one we often call for. When we need advice or when we can’t seem to find that shirt we’re looking for, Mom always knows how to help. Mommas are the teachers of infinite wisdom and we are beyond grateful for them!

On this episode of the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast, we sit down with two of Gwinnett County’s leaders and meet the remarkable women who lead and inspire them. It’s a Mother’s Day Special!

Join Nicole Love-Hendrickson and her mother, Robin Love! Together they talk about the importance of a village. A support system is a vital element in growing, ask “Mama Love” who has put her heart and soul into raising a family. With two sets of twins, helping hands are always a blessing. Things can get tough, but the Loves know you must learn from it and bounce right back! Whether raising kids or raising a county, it takes teamwork to build and grow.

Join Chuck Warbington and his mother, Betty Warbington! Long-time Gwinnettians, they’ve seen the growth of the county through generational eyes. For the Warbingtons, community and family are values that work together to make the most of life. Betty Warbington was born on the square in downtown Lawrenceville (literally!). She works in the First Baptist Church preschool and is a volunteer at the Gwinnett Historical Society. It’s easy to see where the City Manager’s spirit from community came from!